Halifax man with business dealings in Syria now under EU sanctions

A Halifax man who was the first person charged with violating Canada’s economic sanctions against Syria is now accused of violating the European Union’s sanctions as well.  Nader Kalai — a Syrian national with permanent residency in Canada — is known to be a close associate of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad and his loyalists. On Monday […]

U.S. faces deadline to extradite Huawei exec from Canada

U.S. authorities are facing a key deadline at the end of the month to formally request the extradition of Huawei executive Meng Wanzhou from Canada to the United States. On Friday, a spokesperson for Canada’s Justice Department said the U.S. had yet to file the required paperwork in the Meng case and stated the Americans […]

‘Some assembly required’: Cannabis grow pods turn into new business opportunity for Winnipeg company

About six months ago, Delta 9 Cannabis CEO John Arbuthnot was busy getting ready for the looming legalization of cannabis. There was the behind-the-scenes planning for his company’s first retail pot store, the creation of supply agreements with other cannabis sellers, and then the expansion of Delta 9’s secure growing facility in east Winnipeg. Then Arbuthnot […]

Alberta plans to buy 7,000 railcars to ease ‘crisis’ in oil price differentials

Alberta needs to buy as many as 7,000 railcars if it wants to be able to meet its goal of shipping an additional 120,000 barrels of oil a day, says Premier Rachel Notley. In a speech to the Toronto Board of Trade, Notley says her province is prepared to buy roughly 80 locomotives, with each […]

‘Why does he hate newspapers?’ Free Press publisher asks after Pallister slams subsidy

The publisher of the Winnipeg Free Press is questioning why Manitoba premier Brian Pallister is sounding off against a funding package to help Canada’s struggling news media sector. Without being prompted, Pallister told reporters Friday he was worried the independence of journalists would be compromised if a part of their paycheque is covered by Ottawa’s coffers. In response, Bob Cox […]

Why Toronto won by losing the bid for Amazon’s new headquarters

Toronto’s bid for Amazon’s second headquarters, known as HQ2, fell short to not just one location, but two — New York and northern Virginia according to reports — yet the Canadian city may be better off without the American giant. Amazon initially promised as many as 50,000 jobs at its HQ2 and there are reports that the company […]

StatsCan’s plan to harvest private banking info on hold, pending investigation

The country’s chief statistician says his agency’s controversial plan to harvest individuals’ banking information is on hold until the privacy commissioner completes an investigation into widespread concerns about the project. Statistics Canada recently caught nine financial institutions off-guard by asking them to share the private banking information of Canadians in 500,000 dwellings across the country. […]

Surging U.S. deficit a warning for Canadians wanting tax cuts: Don Pittis

According to a new Senate report, what Canada needs is for its rich people to get richer. Of course that’s not what it says in so many words, but in calling on the Canadian government to follow the U.S. in cutting corporate taxes, that is effectively what it is asking for. Perhaps it’s simply a matter of bad timing, but […]

Clean up of wind and solar sites won’t land at Alberta farmers’ feet

With a growing number of wind and solar developments studding Alberta’s landscape, the province has enshrined new rules that ensure operators — not landowners — are ultimately responsible for cleaning them up.  The province has had renewable energy development for over two decades, but landowner advocates have more recently grumbled about insufficient rules. For one, farmers and landowners wanted […]