China says economy czar to visit Washington for trade talks

China’s economy czar, Vice-Premier Liu He, will visit Washington on Jan. 30-31 for talks aimed at ending a costly tariff war over U.S. complaints about Beijing’s technology ambitions. Liu’s participation reflects involvement at a higher political level than talks earlier this month in Beijing between lower-level officials. No details were released, but economists and business […]

The best a man can get? Why some men are brushing off Gillette’s ad campaign

Gillette’s provocative new ad encouraging men to fight toxic masculinity has sparked a backlash. For those who applaud the commercial, it may appear strange that its seemingly positive message about stamping out bullying and sexual harassment has sparked anger and hurt feelings. But this is somewhat new terrain in the advertising world: telling men something’s broken and they need […]

How China’s electric car push is shaking up oil markets

Hello, folks! This is our weekly newsletter on all things environmental, where we highlight trends and solutions that are moving us to a more sustainable world. (Sign up here to get it in your inbox every Thursday.) This is the first issue of 2019. The year ahead promises a lot of movement on the environmental front. Let’s dig in… […]

Paul Godfrey steps down as Postmedia CEO as company announces $1.4M loss

Paul Godfrey is stepping down as CEO of Postmedia Network Canada Corp. but will remain as executive chairman of the company, which owns the National Post, other newspapers and digital publications. Andrew MacLeod, who has been Godfrey’s second in command since 2016, becomes Postmedia’s chief executive officer.   The announcements came as the owner of the National […]

U.S. Fed chair plays Scrooge as markets tumble following latest rate hike: Don Pittis

With his long face and expressive grimaces, Federal Reserve chair Jerome Powell might have played a powerful Ebenezer Scrooge, the repentant anti-hero of Charles Dickens’s A Christmas Carol. Certainly that is how stock markets seemed to see him yesterday after the U.S. central banker hiked rates for the fourth time this year. Powell and his team of […]

Facing despair as a strong economy fails to defeat climate change: Don Pittis

It is not unreasonable that the majority of Canadians and the 97 per cent of scientists who understand that climate change is real are feeling a certain amount of despair. Optimism following the 2015 Paris summit that the world could and would halt the growth of greenhouse gases in the earth’s atmosphere and slow the devastating […]

Cattle farmers say new antibiotics prescription rules will be costly

New federal rules kicking in on Dec. 1 will set limits on farmers’ abilities to procure antibiotics for their livestock, a move intended to curb antibiotic resistance in humans and animals, and provide more oversight by veterinary professionals. But some producers are concerned it will just become more expensive to care for their herds. Since 2014, the World Health Organization […]

Agribition panelists encourage Sask. First Nations to explore economic potential of cannabis production

Cannabis has been a hot topic all year — and a Wednesday panel discussion at the Western Canadian Agribition aimed to explore the economic potential for First Nations communities following legalization of recreational pot. The annual livestock show and agriculture festival, which kicked off at Evraz Place in Regina on Monday, featured an Indigenous Agriculture Summit on Wednesday, […]

Amazon picks New York, northern Virgina for new headquarters: reports

Amazon plans to announce on Tuesday that it has selected New York and northern Virginia as the locations for its new headquarters, according to multiple reports. The retail giant plans to announce on Tuesday its selection of the Queens neighbourhood of Long Island City and an area of Arlington, Va., known as Crystal City, the Wall Street […]