‘Horrendous’ bomb-defusing game for kids sold at Walmart offends some shoppers

A kids’ bomb-defusing game sold in Canada at Walmart has offended some shoppers who find it inappropriate, particularly in an era of terrorism threats. “It’s horrendous, especially in a day and age like this,” said Sharon Butler, a parent who discovered the item recently at a Walmart store in London, Ont. Called “Cut The Wire,” the […]

G20 members agree on trade, migration — but not climate change

The leaders of the world’s largest economic powers on Saturday backed an overhaul of the global body that regulates international trade disputes, but couldn’t reach agreement to support the Paris accord on fighting climate change. The Group of 20 industrialized nations called for reforms to the crisis-stricken World Trade Organization amid growing global trade tensions, in the bloc’s final joint […]

Trump threatens to cut GM’s electric car subsidies because of plant closures

U.S. President Donald Trump said Tuesday that he was “very disappointed” that General Motors was closing plants in the United States and warned that the White House was “now looking at cutting all GM subsidies,” including for its electric cars program. Trump unleashed on Twitter a day after GM announced it would shutter five plants […]

GM’s decision to close Oshawa plant raises fears for future of making cars in Canada

The sudden announcement that General Motors will stop making cars in Oshawa, Ont. after next year sent shockwaves through the industry on Monday. The impact of GM’s move could extend far beyond the borders of the community east of Toronto that has been synonymous with auto manufacturing for the past 65 years. Joe McCabe, CEO of Pennsylvania-based consultancy Auto […]

Culinary tourism hobbled by taxes, labour shortages, says internal report

The Liberal government’s grand plan to make Canada a “culinary destination” for foreign tourists — think poutine or potted moose — is getting some turbulence from restaurant owners. Internal consultations with restaurateurs show they’re bristling over a new federal alcohol tax and struggling with shortages of uniquely Canadian food items that tend to be produced for […]

New coworking spaces let you take your kid to work, every day

After having kids, Amanda Munday realized that child care was often inaccessible and unaffordable. That’s why she opened The Workaround, a parent-friendly coworking space housed in a converted bank featuring a play area for children supervised by an early childhood educator. “[The vault] is where we relax,” said Munday. “It can be a nursing suite. It’s […]

‘Stalked within your own home’: Woman says abusive ex used smart home technology against her

When Ferial Nijem moved into a smart home equipped with the latest in modern technology, she had no idea she was walking into what would become a living nightmare. At the hands of an ex-partner, Nijem experienced what she calls “tech abuse.” “If anybody would walk into this situation, they would think they were walking […]

Facebook’s Zuckerberg summoned to appear before session of U.K., Canadian politicians

The British government announced on Tuesday an unprecedented “international grand committee” involving Canadian politicians concerning disinformation and fake news, with a summons for Facebook chief executive Mark Zuckerberg to appear. British MP Damian Collins released the open letter Tuesday, also signed by Canadian Conservative MP Bob Zimmer, asking Zuckerberg to appear Nov. 27 at Britain’s […]