Papa gone? Pizza chain ad campaign stops using founder Papa John Schnatter

Papa John’s, which wants to distance itself from founder John Schnatter, is releasing new ads Tuesday that replace him with a diverse group of franchisees. The commercials show several franchisees looking into the camera and introducing themselves to viewers. “You’ve heard one voice of Papa John’s for a long time,” one of them says, followed […]

Maxime Bernier’s new party stakes out classical liberal values: Don Pittis

In a phrase variously attributed to Oscar Wilde and George Bernard Shaw, the United States and Britain are “two countries divided by a common language.” When it comes to the word liberal, that must certainly be the case. As usual, many Canadians, caught between British and American definitions, are, quite reasonably, in a state of confusion. […]

Canadian manufacturing sales top expectations, gain 1.1% in June

Canadian manufacturing sales rose more than expected in June, boosted by a 16 per cent surge in oil and coal shipments. Statistics Canada said Thursday manufacturing sales were up 1.1 per cent to $58.1 billion in June, following a 1.5 per cent increase in May. Economists had expected an increase of 0.9 per cent in […]

Elon Musk sued over tweets, proposal to take Tesla private

Tesla Inc. and its chief executive Elon Musk were sued twice on Friday by investors who said they fraudulently engineered a scheme to squeeze short-sellers, including through Musk’s proposal to take the electric car company private. The lawsuits were filed three days after Musk stunned investors by announcing on Twitter that he might take Tesla […]

Row over jailed activists won’t affect oil shipments to Canada, Saudi minister says

A row over human rights in Saudi Arabia will not have any impact on Saudi oil supplies to Canada, its energy minister said on Thursday, reassuring customers after Riyadh froze new trade with Canada and ruled out mediation efforts. Saudi Arabia, infuriated by Canada’s demand last week that jailed activists in the kingdom be released immediately, expelled the Canadian ambassador […]

WestJet dispatchers seek to unionize

Flight dispatchers at WestJet are the latest group of employees at the airline seeking to join a union. The Canadian Airline Dispatchers Association (CALDA) said in a release that they have filed an application with the Canada Industrial Relations Board to represent dispatchers at the carrier. “As WestJet continues to grow and evolve, WestJet flight […]

Twitter shares hammered, as bad week in social media business gets worse

Cracking down on hate, abuse and online trolls is also hurting Twitter’s standing with investors. The company’s stock dropped more than 20.5 per cent to close at $34.12 US on the New York Stock Exchange on Friday after it reported a decline in its monthly users and warned that the number could fall further in the coming months. […]

Grupo Aeromexico makes $180M US bid for Aimia’s stake in loyalty program PLM

Mexican Airline operator Grupo Aeromexico has made a non-binding proposal to acquire Aimia Inc.’s stake in their joint loyalty program PLM for $180 million US. The proposed transaction would give the Mexican aviation company full control of Premier Loyalty & Marketing (PLM), which owns their joint Club Premier frequent flyer program. “If completed, the Proposed […]

Trade Tribunal finds subsidies and dumping of steel products causing harm

The Canadian International Trade Tribunal says it has found there is a reasonable indication that dumping and subsidizing of some steel products by several Asian countries have harmed or could harm Canadian steel producers. The tribunal says it found the People’s Republic of China, the Republic of Korea and the Socialist Republic of Vietnam all […]