CN Rail, First Nation plan to break ground on new ‘bitumen puck’ facility this year

As a puck made of oilsands bitumen was tossed into the air, railway executive James Auld joked, “we almost had an oil spill there.” Auld and other officials were upbeat as they gave their first public presentation on the pucks — a solid product similar to coal that can float in water.  CN Rail and an Alberta First […]

Money in the bank: Ottawa looks for new ways to tax dormant accounts

Millions of dollars owed to ordinary Canadians sits unclaimed in dormant bank accounts and terminated pension plans — and the federal Department of Finance is looking at fresh ways to tax some of that idle money and to reduce or eliminate any interest paid on it. Proposals to significantly revamp the so-called “unclaimed balances” regime in […]

Canada among targets of alleged Chinese hacking campaign

Companies in Canada were among the targets of two Chinese citizens charged with waging an extensive hacking campaign to steal valuable data over many years, U.S. authorities say. In an indictment unsealed Thursday, prosecutors say Zhu Hua and Zhang Shilong were acting on behalf of China’s main intelligence agency to pilfer information from several countries. […]

Overflowing production continues to dampen oil prices as Alberta premier mulls solutions

Oil market analyst Kevin Birn likens Western Canada’s crude supply to a bathtub with a drain that’s too small to keep up with the increasing volume pouring out of the tap. As barrels of surplus oil lap the edge of the tub, desperate producers are forced to sell at rock-bottom prices to avoid a big […]

Why many Canadians don’t love self-checkout

Brendan Best says self-checkout isn’t worth his time because something often goes wrong, forcing him to seek out assistance. “I would not like to have that type of hassle, so I try to go through cashier lines,” said Best, who lives in Halifax. “There’s nothing in it for me.” A new grocery shopping study out of Dalhousie […]

Iran sanctions may have little impact in Canada, except on oil prices

The fresh round of sanctions the U.S. imposed on Iran Monday threatens to close off all channels of international banking to the regime, but is unlikely to affect Canadian businesses. The sanctions aim to block Iran’s oil exports, but the impact on oil prices may have already worked its way through the markets, though there […]

As lending gets tighter, Canadians face threat of credit card trap: Don Pittis

This column is part of a series we’re calling Debt Nation looking at the state of consumer debt in Canada. Even after a decade of rock-bottom borrowing costs as low as two per cent, agencies that help Canadians overwhelmed by debt say their clients are still loading up on some of the most expensive debt in the market by […]