Tesla to cut 7% of work force, focus on bringing down prices of its cars

Tesla will cut 7 per cent of its workforce as it tries to lower prices and break out of the niche-car market to produce an electric vehicle that more people can afford. Tesla’s cheapest model right now is the $44,000 Model 3, and it needs to broaden its customer base to survive. “Looking ahead at […]

Postal workers delivering parcels 7 days a week ahead of Christmas, union says

Postal workers in Canada are delivering parcels seven days a week to ensure they will be in time for the holidays, says Canada Post’s largest union. Mike Palecek, national president of the Canadian Union of Postal Workers (CUPW), said in an email on Monday that union members are working every day of the week following […]

New Tim Hortons coffee lids leak too much, some customers say

New Tim Hortons coffee lids were supposed to reduce that pesky leakage problem, but some customers claim they’ve actually made it worse. Meanwhile, the company insists many customers have given the lids a solid thumbs-up. The restaurant chain started testing a revised design — a raised lid with a maple leaf insignia — in six locations in August following complaints that […]

Bank of Canada expected to hold its key lending rate in decision Wednesday

The Bank of Canada is widely expected to keep interest rates on hold in its monetary policy decision on Wednesday. When the Bank of Canada last met, it raised its benchmark interest rate by a quarter point to 1.75 per cent. It was the fifth hike since last summer, further pushing up the cost of borrowing […]

Auto sales dip 9.4% in November, marking 9 months of declines

Auto sales in Canada were down for the ninth straight month in November, dipping 9.4 per cent to 143,668 vehicles. This year will mark the first since 2009 that auto sales have not expanded, but 2018 will still be second only 2017 in sales volume, according to DesRosiers Automotive Consultants Inc. Annual sales are 44,000 […]

Why many Canadians don’t love self-checkout

Brendan Best says self-checkout isn’t worth his time because something often goes wrong, forcing him to seek out assistance. “I would not like to have that type of hassle, so I try to go through cashier lines,” said Best, who lives in Halifax. “There’s nothing in it for me.” A new grocery shopping study out of Dalhousie […]

3 things to look for as Canada’s big banks reveal quarterly results this week

It’s the final quarterly earnings season for the big banks in 2018, when Canada’s biggest lenders tip their hands to investors about how much money they’re making and where. The Bank of Nova Scotia kicked things off with its quarterly results on Tuesday, revealing it had earned $2.27 billion in the three-month period that closed at the end of October. […]

Worst may be yet to come for cannabis execs, pot users looking to cross Canada-U.S. border, experts say

Marijuana has been legal in Canada for a month already, but immigration lawyers and cannabis executives say when it comes to getting into the United States, the worst may be yet to come. As Canadians get used to the fact that cannabis is no longer against the law in their country, some experts fear they […]

Canadian pot stocks rise as 3 U.S. states vote to legalize cannabis in some form

Shares in major cannabis companies were higher on the TSX on Wednesday as U.S. voters in three of the four states deciding to legalize the drug in some way opted to approve those ballot initiatives. While much of the attention from Tuesday evening’s midterm election focused on the balance of power in Congress, investors were […]