Computer scientist David Magerman wants to build a more ethical internet

Multi-millionaire computer scientist David Magerman believes he has met the enemy, and it is us. Maybe not exactly the flesh-and-blood us, but certainly our cyberselves — the unwitting employees of Facebook and Twitter who absently click great gobs of our personal information into the maw of social media, allowing a handful of internet titans to […]

Federal Reserve hikes benchmark interest rate to as much as 2.5%

The U.S. Federal Reserve is raising its key interest rate for the fourth time this year to reflect the economy’s continued strength, but signals it expects to slow its pace of hikes next year. The quarter-point hike, to a range of 2.25 per cent to 2.5 per cent, lifts the Fed’s benchmark rate to its highest […]

CRTC says cheaper data-only plans on the way

The country’s three national wireless carriers have agreed to offer “broad range” data-only plans through their second- and third-tier brands, including $30-per-month plans with more megabytes than previously suggested, the industry’s federal regulator said Monday. The Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission ordered Bell, Rogers and Telus in March to come up with low-cost data-only plans to […]

Ford government to recall legislature next week to introduce back-to-work bill for power workers

Ontario’s Progressive Conservative government will recall the legislature next week in order to enact back-to-work legislation to keep power workers on the job and prevent widespread outages, a government official has told CBC Toronto. Earlier Thursday, an official had said that the government was prepared to recall the legislature. By the afternoon, it was confirmed that […]

Sears customers told to continue paying for worthless extended warranties

Imagine making a purchase and being told it won’t be delivered but you still have to pay. Refuse to pay? Then you’ll be getting a call from debt collectors.   That’s what’s happening to former Sears Canada customers now that the department store chain has gone out of business. They’re being forced to pay for extended warranties […]

G20 members agree on trade, migration — but not climate change

The leaders of the world’s largest economic powers on Saturday backed an overhaul of the global body that regulates international trade disputes, but couldn’t reach agreement to support the Paris accord on fighting climate change. The Group of 20 industrialized nations called for reforms to the crisis-stricken World Trade Organization amid growing global trade tensions, in the bloc’s final joint […]

Highlights of Bill Morneau’s 2018 fiscal update

Finance Minister Bill Morneau delivered his fall economic statement Wednesday. Here are the highlights of his fiscal update: Growth: 2 per cent forecast next year (up from 1.6) — and slightly higher inflation. Unemployment rate: 5.8 per cent next year, down from 5.9. Projected deficit: $18.1 billion for current fiscal year. Revised 2017-2018 deficit: $19 […]

Zero-emission rules mean fewer electric car choices for most Canadians: Don Pittis

Canadians trying to buy the electric vehicle of their choice in many parts of the country are finding it almost impossible — and a provincial strategy intended to get more green cars onto dealers’ lots may actually make the problem worse. The strategy — called a zero-emission vehicle standard, or “ZEV mandate” — has already been imposed in Quebec. There are now widespread rumours that British […]