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RCMP investigating CRA scam

The RCMP has launched “at least one very significant investigative operation” into the CRA phone scam after our months-long investigation. Public Safety Minister Ralph Goodale confirmed the RCMP is co-ordinating with international officials to shut down the scam, which has stolen more than $10 million.

Ticketmaster class action

A class-action lawsuit is in the works against Ticketmaster for price gouging following a CBC News/Toronto Star investigation alleging the company runs a professional scalper program using its reseller site, which allows Ticketmaster to profit from additional fees. Ticketmaster says it’s “categorically untrue.”

There are class action lawsuits in the works for price gouging following a CBC News/Toronto Star investigation alleging Ticketmaster runs a scalper program. (Paul Sakuma/Associated Press)

Privacy commissioner slams government

Canada’s privacy commissioner criticized the government for taking little to no action after the Equifax and Facebook/Cambridge Analytica privacy breaches. Daniel Therrien said the government launched a consultation process rather than strengthening laws and giving his office the necessary powers to make orders, impose fines and carry out inspections.

Privacy Commissioner Daniel Therrien criticized the government’s inaction following big privacy breaches saying it launched consultations instead of changing laws. (Sean Kilpatrick/Canadian Press)

Pilots confused before near disaster

A report says pilot confusion was the cause of near-miss for Air Canada plane last year. The plane came within three to six metres of crashing into a plane on the runway in San Francisco in July 2017. The U.S. National Transportation Safety Board cited other mistakes and crew fatigue as contributing factors.

This video still from the NTSB shows Air Canada 759 flying just above the taxiway as it prepared to land in San Francisco in July 2017. The plane nearly collided with others waiting for takeoff. (NTSB)

What else is going on

A happy WestJet customer was directed to a suicide hotline. The customer was praising the airline’s staff on Facebook Messenger for helping her transport a new succulent plant, when the chatbot responded with information for the Canada Association for Suicide Prevention. The automated response was likely triggered by the customer referring to a plant “cutting.”

Sobeys’ parent company has purchased Farm Boy. The deal will see some Sobeys locations become Farm Boy stores and other new locations open. Company officials say Farm Boy’s business is expected to double.

This week in recalls

The shade on this Ikea light could fall; The joints on these dolls could break and pose a choking hazard; This outdoor oil doesn’t meet labelling standards; These liquid diet products could have bacterial contamination; These microgreens may be contaminated with listeria; These cleaning products don’t have proper hazard labels.

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